Le Insalate "The Salad"

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Raw shaved fresh porcini and asparagus salad with "parmigiano Reggiano" and D.O.P. Extra Virgin Olive oil.

Julienne steamed green zucchini, carrots and Daikon root with baby spinach in a orange-horse-radish citronette.

Chilled eggplant "caponata" salad with cut penne pasta, honey balsamic dressing, and greens.

Hand made Italian "Burrata" on wild baby arugola and roasted yellow and red beets salad.

Maccheroni salad tossed with roasted garlic mustard aioli, bell peppers, cucumbers, black olives, celery, green zucchini, raisins and crispy dry spinach.

Snow crab meat salad on tomato & bell pepper "gazpacho".

Lemon zested steamed shrimp on mango and Mitzuna salad, mango citronette.

Shaved fennel and arugula salad with Parmesan and white truffle lemon citronette.

Chilled tossed "Spaghetti" with albacore tuna and lemon parsley citronette.

Organic baby kale salad with sheered Tuscan pecorino and diced pork crispy skin.

Insalatina di soncino su pere cotte, con rape arrostite, gorgonzola, mandorle caramellate e gamberi saltati.

Roasted red beets with poached pear,candy almonds and mache lettuce salad, garnished with garlic shrimp on honey Gorgonzola cheese dressing

Insalata di calamari fritti con limone e rugola.

Crispy fried Calamari tossed with shaved lemon and wild baby arrugola

Insalata di pomodori anrance, zucchini e ricotta salata.

Vine ripe tomatoes tossed with orange segments, shaved raw green zucchini,marinated red onions,mixed green,aged ricotta cheese in a light red wine vinaigrette

Segato di Carciofi con Parmigiano Reggiano.

Shaved baby artichoke tossed with fresh shaved Parmigiano Reggiano with lemon juice and extra virgin olive oil

Quinoa cotta in Carta Fata con pomodori,cipolla rossa,cetrioli e olio d'oliva.

Steamed quinoa in "Carta Fata" tossed with summer baby heirloom cherry tomatoes,red onions, cucumbers and extra virgin olive oil


Marinated shrimp in lemom olive oil emulsion on a barley salad

The shrimp are simply blanched in a aromatic boiling water and marinated over night in the lemon olive oil.Prepare the salad with the steamed barley tossed with roasted assorted bell peppers and kalamata olive seasoned with the marinated sauce of the shrimp. Served by garnished with a parsley pesto extra virgin olive oil

Insalata di fagioli borlotti con tonno, gamberi e calamari olio e limone

Borlotti beans with marinated albacore tuna, shrimp and calamari in a lemon extra virgin olive oil.

The albacore tuna is poached in extra virgin olive oil and cool off.The shrimp and calamari are blanched in a boiling vinegar water for few second and cool off in ice water, than marinated with a emulsion of fresh squeeze lemon juice, oregano and extra virgin olive oil.Place on a center of the plate a sliced 4/5 ripe tomatoes and then mounted the rest of the ingredients using a stainless still ring.

La Panzanella"

Traditional Tuscan bread-tomato, basil salad

The "Panzanella" is a traditional bread tomato salad they usually we eat during the hot Tuscan summer. It's very easy to make and the is the best to use the one day old fresh bread.Take out the crust of the bread and cut the middle part in large cubes, adding fresh Heirloom tomato,cucumbers, capers, celery, basil,shaved red onions and radishes.Seasoned with a emulsion of aged red vinegar,extra virgin olive oil, salt and fresh ground black pepper.Tossed all the ingredients together and chilled in the refrigerator for 4 minutes before serving. The bread will absorb all the flavor of the fresh produce and when you eat the combination of this flavor will give you a great appetite for your next course.

Insalata di fagioli cannelini, arrugola, pomodoro e gamberi

Cannelini beans with arugula tomato salad with shrimp

Beans in Tuscany they are very popular and especially cannellini when you know how to cooked the dishes that you can create.... you will be surprise.

Insalatina di Pomodori organici, cipolla rossa,oregano, basilico all'olio vergine d'oliva

Vine ripe organic cherry tomato salad,shaved red onions, oregano, basil and cold pressed extra virgin olive oil

The combination by tossing the shaved red onions with julienne basil and the organic tomato is simple and this salad can be use for side of many dishes with fish or sandwiches or tossed together with a pasta salad, Simple and tasty.The best result after you combine the ingredients together seasoned with salt and extra virgin olive oil rest it for few minutes at room temperature add the jus of the red onions and the organic tomatoes will give their greatest flavor and taste.

Prosciutto Toscano con arugula e Parmigiano

Tuscany "prosciutto" with arugula and shave Parmesan cheese salad

In Tuscany usually the prosciutto is cured with more salt than sugar and cut also thicker than other kind of prosciutto we find in Italy

Insalata Medicea

Marinated julienne of yellow bell peppers salad in a raspberry mustard and basil Oil

Before you marinated the bell peppers you need to roasted the skin by put them on the high flame or in the hot oven but continuously turn every side face of the bell pepper to make sure the skin is burn. Put it in a bowl a cover with plastic and allow the steam to remain inside until the temperature of the bell pepper will be completely cool down; then you will easily remove the skin, they will be ready to cut and use for marinated them with vinegar and olive oil.


Pumpkin salad with arugula and goat cheese

Roasted the pumpkin by wrapping first with the aluminum foil and put it in the hot oven the result will be better and after the pumpkin is cool down on the temperature will be easy to handled and display on the plate like this dish


Grapefruit filled with crab meat angel hair salad and basil extra virgin olive oil

This pasta salad is unique flavor with the tuna and grapefruit segments is combination of a great taste


Warm steamed green haricot vert tossed with shrimp and lemon with extra virgin olive oil.

Great salad when is executed at the last moment just warm with lemon and extra olive oil emulsion.


Rolled breast of chicken filled with peppers, black olives and marinated mushrooms served with mixed greens and balsamic glaze.

The chicken breast is pounded first and filled with the marinated mushrooms rolled and steamed cooked, cool down, than slices garnished with field green and balsamic syrup glaze


Albacore tuna salad with cannellini beans, arrugola, purple onion, tomato and extra virgin olive oil.

The tuna is cooked with salted water, black pepper corn and fresh bay leaves, cooked slowly without boiling in the oven, leave the tuna completely cool down in the cooking water after drain out and marinated under extra virgin olive this process is very similar at the tuna that we find on the can at the store, after when is marinated is easy to use for salad like this one or other recipes


Roasted assorted vegetable salad with shaved pecorino cheese and drizzled truffle olive oil.

The flavor of this salad with the combination of the drizzle truffle olive oil tossed together when the vegetables still warm is great.


Steamed asparagus salad tossed with fresh fava beans, roasted potatoes and diced "Toscano" pecorino drizzled with extra virgin olive oil.

The steamed asparagus need to chilled in ice water and than dry out seasoned with extra virgin olive oil and display on the center of the dish to form a nest, you can prepare this in advance for large party and put the rest of the salad ingredients at the moment you serve it.Try the Pecorino toscano use for this salad here you will find more detail about this famous ewe milk Tuscan cheese.


Oriental spring salad with marinated chicken and soy sauce dressing.

The chicken is marinated with the soy over night and at the moment before serving is grilled and cut in stripes tossed together with the oriental spring vegetables

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