The Biography

David Giani knew he wanted to become a professional chef from a young age. At just 14, he was accepted into the prestigious Aurelio Saffi culinary school in Florence, Italy. While studying, he gained valuable experience by apprenticing in renowned Italian restaurants.

After completing his education, David embarked on a successful culinary career. He worked at various restaurants in Italy before moving to California in 1991 to serve as a chef for Spectrum Food Corporation. In 1997, he became a Chef/Partner at "IL Fornaio" in Beverly Hills and later served as the Executive Chef for the Hilton Corporation.

David's passion for cooking led him to create his own Tuscany Cuisine cooking style. He opened his restaurant, "Fioretto Trattoria," in 2004 and operated it until 2009. Since then, he has been offering professional culinary consulting services through Chef Design, Inc.

David is dedicated to using the freshest ingredients and creating innovative recipes while honoring traditional Florentine cuisine. He continues to work in commercial kitchens and collaborates with restaurant owners to optimize their culinary operations.

For culinary consultation and inquiries, contact David today.

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