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Sundried tomato soup with Florentine spinach and ricotta cheese "Gnudi"

Asparagus soup with "prosciutto chip,"focaccia" bread crouton, porcini mushrooms air

Pumpkin soup with almond rubbed kale chips,pumpkin seeds oil

Green beans soup with "prosciutto wrapped and roasted scallop

Cook Bread soup "Pan cotto"

Cauliflower soup served with puff pastry onion tart, garlic "bottarga" foam, crispy basil.

Consume' di pollo con "julienne" di vegetali

Chicken consomme with julienne vegetables

The secret of a great flavor chicken consomme is how slowly and consistent you boil the broth, only half way cover the pot...!

Zuppa di ceci fredda guarnita con calamari e gamberi all'olio e limone

Chilled garbanzo beans soup garnished with shrimp and calamari marinated in a lemon extra virgin olive oil

Great soup for summer evening. Cooked the overnight soaked garbanzo beans in a clean water. Blended and strained half the cooked beans, add some shrimp fume' to the soup and chilled. Garnished with the marinated calamari and shrimp in emulsion lemon and extra virgin olive oil.

Pappa al Pomodoro e basilico

Tomato bread basil soup

Minestra di zucca al profumo di salvia con fonduta di caprino

Sage flavor pumpkin soup with goat cheese fondue

The season of the pumpkin is October, when you can find the most variety available on the market this soup with the sage fusion flavor give to the soup nice combination flavor especially with the goat cheese fondue on it.

Consomme di funghi porcini con cappelletti di pecorino e pancetta

Tortellini filled with pancetta and pecorino cheese served in a porcini mushroom consomme.


Roasted tomato basil soup.

Take out the roasted tomato from the oven let them sweat together with some potato and onions in a pan covered with a lid. Cover the ingredients with water and let it boiled until the potato are tender, blended the soup with some fresh basil and strained with the "chinoix" add some warm roasted tomatoes in the soup at the moment you serve it.


Traditional Tuscany Porcini Mushrooms soup.

The name means cook water, we use the water of the soaked dry porcini mushrooms to result the particular mushrooms flavor.

Chill tomato orange soup with wild arugula

Cold soup of ripe tomato and oranges with julienne arugula

The flavor of this soup is the combination of the juice of the fresh tomatoes with the juice of the oranges which is result a great refreshing taste,if you are interesting to find out


The auntentic "Ribollita"(Soup with Tuscan vegetables and crushed garlic bread)

See the recipes.

Passato di patate al profuno di aglio e rosmarino

Golden Youkon Potato garlic soup with rosemary flavor

The potato they are sweat with the onions, covered with water cook until tender, and strain into the soup the fusion rosemary oil for the flavor.

Minestra di fagiolini verdi con pasta e aragosta

Green beans soup with pasta and baked half main lobster

Sweat julienne shallots in olive oil, add the potato and green beans at the same time, seasoned with salt and white pepper, braised little bit, then add natural hot water just enough to cover the ingredients, cover the pot and let cook slowly with the flame low.When the green beans and the potato are tender, remove it from the fire, add some basil and blended everything, strained, then add some diagonal cut cooked green beans for garnish at the moment you served together with the pasta, then place the hot oven baked lobster on it.

Zuppa di cozze e vongole con crostoni di pane agliati

Mussels and clams soup with garlic bread croutons

Wash the mussels and clams well, then place in a pot with skinless cut tomatoes, seasoned with chopped fresh parsley,fresh oregano, salt and black pepper, drizzle a little of extra virgin olive oil and then cover the pot with a lid, turning the flame low and let the shellfish open by themself. The result will be a great smell after you will remove the lid.

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