Il Pesce"The Fish"

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"Scorfano"Rockfish tempura, micro greens, finger limes

Steamed "Branzino" on leek vichyssoise, parsley potatoes and caviar.

Tuscan braised cuttlefish "inzimino"

Sea Bream filet on steam leeks,parsley foam, grill calamari, baked zucchini, red bell pepper coulis

New Zeland Grouper filet on sliced baked potatoes and fume' rosemary emulsion

Italian "Spigola" filet on julienne crispy vegetable "Carpione".

"Carta Fata" cooked red Snapper chop, bell pepper comfit and parsley lemon olive oil

Crispy skin Black cod with steam green zucchini tulip filled with red beet pure, lemon saffron sauce.

Pan roasted John Dory filet with lemon rosemary, crispy artichokes on baked sliced potatoes

Sous Vide link cod butter lemon sauce and vegetables

Stoccafisso' alla livornese con patate e olive

"Stoccafisso" with garlic spicy tomato sauce with stewed potatoes and black olives.

The Stoccafisso' is another traditional fish use in the Tuscan cooking culture. Stoccafisso and Baccala there is the difference in this fishes is the period of time and when is being under the salt. Both before cooking application must be soaked under cold running water for a list a day or over night, it will help to eliminate the salt that preserve them for conservation. During the cooking not salt is necessary but only herbs or other spice to give them aroma and flavor, depend on the recipe. In Italy this fish has many preparation; every region and city has a his proper cooking method to prepare this famous traditional fish

Filetto di rombo con le patate tostate in salsa di pomodori verdi e acciughe

Pan roasted turbo filet served on a bed of toasted organic potatoes and green tomato anchovies sauce

The filet is slowly sautes with melted butter, when the fillet is cooked is remove from the pan and in the pan is added the paste of anchovies with slices of green organic tomatoes let it stewed, then served over the filet already display on the bed of toasted sliced potatoes

Sgombro farcito con uva passa e pinoli, con timballo di risotto al basilico,salsa di pomodorini al limone

Filled Mackerel filet with current and pine nuts, with basil risotto and lemon cherry tomato coulis sauce.

The Mackerel is very popular in Italy and can be prepare in many ways, the delicate of his meat and full of flavor skin give me the beautiful idea to boned the fish and stuffed with currents,pine nuts and some small diced bread.To keep the fish nice and firm during the roasting time, I wrapped it in a cold fat. For presented this unique way I prepare a risotto make with a fish fume make from the boned spine of the mackerel, folded at the end with basil and shallots extra virgin olive oil.For the sauce I stewed fresh cherry tomatoes with salt, pepper, garlic and some fresh squeeze lemon juice. After I blended them and strained with the chino-ix,so I adjust the flavor with dry oregano ans some basil oil also. Enjoy this dish.

Filetti di Sgombro con patate,risotto al salto e pomodoro arrostito,salsa di olio e limone

Filet of Mackerel with potato, saffron risotto cake and roasted vine ripe tomato, lemon olive oil sauce.

This time the mackerel is simply filet and roasted with some sliced potatoes, serve with saffron risotto cake and roasted vine ripe tomatoes, everything basted with a emulsion of first press extra virgin olive and fresh squeeze lemon juice.

Tonno cotto al forno nell'acqua di cozze.

Slow roasted mahi mahi in a mussels juice water.

This Mahi is cooked in the oven with the juice of fresh open mussels. The sauce is gently cool off and emulsification with lemon juice,blanched fine chopped orange zest, oregano and extra virgin olive oil.

Tonno bianco in gabbia ai sapori mediterranei.

Slow Roasted Mahi Mahi with a mushrooms and potato ratatouille filling, red bell pepper coulis sauce

Mahi Mahi is very delicious fish when is cooked slowly with the right heat temperature, this portion is cooked inside of a ring mold and filled with a ragout of potatoes, black olives,raisins,mushrooms and tomatoes garnished with a chunky cut avocado tossed with julienne basil, drizzled with extra virgin olive oil, served on a bed of red bell pepper coulis sauce.

Pesce Pacifico in crosta di aglio e basilico

Roasted Northern halibut with garlic and basil crust

The halibut is crusted with garlic basil pate' and then roasted slowly in the oven.Served over a steam potato and shrimp compote', drizzled with a cooked wine reduction with a splash of vinegar.

Salmone grigliato salsa di limone e prezzemolo

Grilled Atlantic salmon with parsley lemon sauce

This special way to cut the salmon for the grill has the best result for presentation and taste.

Baccala'con la polenta

Pan fried cod in a spicy-garlic marinara sauce with soft polenta.

The "baccala"(dried salty cod)is consider another winter dish served with polenta or with stewed herbs potatoes depend how the cook prefer.

Cacciucco di pesce

Tuscan traditional assorted seasonal fish bouillabaisse. The word"Cacciucco" in Tuscany slang means variety, this dish represent the fresh fish flavor of the "Tirreno" sea.


Roasted trout fillet with garlic and parsley sauce over sliced toasted potatoes and steamed asparagus.

Fresh water trout clean,cut butterfly and lightly breaded, cooked slowly on the flat griddle; after seasoned with fine chopped garlic parsley and extra virgin olive oil is nice to try it!


Sauteed filet of sole with Dijon mustard white wine sauce.

Dover sole filet lightly floured and sauteed until gold color, strained the fat out and deg-lazed the fry pan with a white wine evaporate the alcohol and give the right syrup consistency to the sauce with a touch of Dijon mustard at the end


Crispy breaded and baked Orange Roughy with cherry tomato confit and toasted "Cremini" mushrooms.

Try this dish when you find the Orange Roughly fresh on the market, the result will be fantastic!


Poached Dover Sole filet in a black olives,yellow tomatoes, garlic white wine sauce served over saute'spinach and roasted new potatoes.

This kind of fish poached is the appropriate way to keep it moist and tender.

Trancio di salmone bollito con patate e porri allo zafferano

Poached salmon filet with leeks and potato in a saffron vinaigrette

The meat of the salmon when is poached has a great texture and great natural flavor, taste healthy and with a combination of leeks and potato it is just right to your palate

Tonno delle Hawaii in crosta di pepe nero con i fagiolini

Grilled seared cracked black pepper crusted Ahi Tuna with green beans

This kind of Tuna the best taste and flavor is when is cooked rare to medium rare, overcook the texture of the meat will be tough and dry and loose all the taste value;the cracked black pepper crust give a nice spice to the fish, serving over steam green beans and potato, just drizzled with some balsamic vinegar reduction and lemon saffron sauce.

Pesce bianco con pomodoro e peperoncino

Crispy superior white fish in a spicy, garlic marinara sauce.

The fish is place in a non stick fry pan with a skin down, it will get crispy turn the fish and finished in the hot oven.Put the sauce on the plate first and place the fish with the skin up, serve it right the way.This technique need some good cooking skills other wise the result will be so, so. The skin also keep the fish meat moist and flavor.

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