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Tuscany Wines

This below is a table linked to the most Classical and Traditional Tuscan wines selection linked to his history and characteristic of the origin of the vine.


Recipe pairing:
Florentine style beef tripe with Parmesan cheese frico

Lettuce wrap beef tongue on Tuscan relish

Braised beef oxtail with sweet green peas and rice pilaf

Brunello di Montalcino

Recipe pairing:
Braised wild boar with baked Italian polenta filled with kale and Parmesan cheese topped with sauteed Porcini mushrooms

Pan roasted veal chop aux jus with roasted potatoes and steam vegetables

Vino Nobile di Montepulciano

Recipe pairing:

Cappelletti Prosciutto

Tagliatelle Parmigiano

Pappardelle with wild blue hare ragout

Porcini Mushrooms Risotto


Recipe paring:

Grill beef filet with pan roasted artichokes with Castelmagno cheese and honey red wine glaze


Recipe Pairing:
Florentine style beef porterhouse

Grill beef tenderloin "Tagliata" olive poached baby artichokes,barbecue tomatoes on sliced baked potatoes, balsamic glaze


Recipe Pairing:
Veal"Saltinbocca" cutlet aux jus with baked potatoes and steamed asparagus

Veal chop with porcini mushrooms on pumpink pure'

Lupicaia Luce

Recipe pairing:
Roasted rack of lamb aux jus on baked sliced potatoes with green been and baby carrot.

Italian sausage stuffed boneless roasted quail on garlic cracker, sauteed baby vegetables and red wine sauce.

Recipe pairing:
Tuscan braised cuttlefish "inzimino" on pan fried garlic bread,Italian green zucchini, topped with sauteed rainbow swiss chard

"Carta Fata" Red snapper chop on steam artichoke, bell pepper relish, shallot cream with Italian parsley oil


Recipe pairing:
Pan roasted Black cod with grilled green zucchini ring, filled with beets puree, lemon saffron sauce

Butter roasted lemon rosemary Jhon Dory filet with toasted potatoes, oven dried tomato and olive oil poached baby artichoke


Recipe pairing:
Asparagus and goat cheese stuffed roasted pork tenderloin aux jus, on baked Portobello mushrooms

Boneless rabbit filled with Italian sausage with Porcini mushrooms ravioli, steam vegetable and rosemary aux jus


Recipe pairing:
Italian "prosciutto" wrapped turkey drumstick, aux jus with soft polenta

Carmignano Vin Santo
Recipe pairing:
The Ricciarelli from Siena

Suvereto Aleatico Passito

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