Warm bake apple tart with hand made vanilla gelato

The traditional Tuscan carnival "cenci"

"Spumone Semifreddo" Pistachios, strawberries and vanilla

Rolled chocolate cake with strawberries cream

Rum soaked Baba' with cherries and cream

Classic Vanilla and Chocolate souffle'

Assorted nuts and candied fruit nougat cover with chocolate

Baked "Mascarpone"

Mono portion "zuccotto"

Traditional "cannoncini" filled with pastry cream

Diplomatic cream puff pastry napoleon with chocolate glaze

Traditional Carnival Florentine "Schiacciata"

Salted chocolate ganache with raspberries sorbet

Hand made lemon sorbet on a wafer cookie cup and lemon chip

Mini Chantilly cream filled �clairs with chocolate glaze

Walnut & Chocolate chip mini muffin

Yogurt "semifreddo" on watermelon soup and chocolate seeds garnished with pineapple brunoise

Dessert plate trio of Flourless chocolate cake, cheese cake

Almond cherries cookies

The "treccie" Donut

Wafer chocolate "Gianduia"

Hearth shape lemon merengue tart

Flourless chocolate cake with orange chip and raspberries coulis

Mousse di cioccolato con pan di spagna al caffe'

Chocolate mousse with espresso coffee soaked sponge cake

This simple chocolate mousse is done with the melted bittersweet dark chocolate, butter and folded with whipping cream and Italian meringue. The mousse rest in the refrigerator for 3 hour and served with a the espresso coffee soaked sponge cake.

La Zuppa Inglese

Soaked sponge cake with maraschino cherry,custard cream, and chocolate cheap served with creme anglais.

Here is a typical country style dessert where the sponge cake is soaked with a maraschino cherry, and the classic Italian custard cream.

Crema di mascarpone meringata con salsa tiepida di cioccolato al caffe'

Meringue and "Mascarpone" cheese cake with warm chocolate coffee sauce

This dessert is make with a Italian meringue recipes filled with piped mascarpone cream and served with warm melted semi-sweet dark chocolate added with espresso coffee.

Dolce di ricotta con crosta di amaretti e sciroppo di amarene

Ricotta cheese cake with "Amaretto cookies crust and "Amarena cherry syrup sauce

This cheese cake is make with fresh "ricotta" cheese,the crust is done with crumble Italian "Amaretto di Saronno" cookies, and garnished with the famous "Amarena" cherry syrup

Fondente di cioccolato con crema inglese al liquore d'arancio.

Flour less chocolate fondant with orange liquor creme anglaise.

The chocolate is flour less, melted and mixed with a special mixture and than baked, serve with the orange liquor creme anglais and drizzled with raspberry syrup.The contrast flavor of orange with chocolate is great, give a elegant way to serve baked chocolate

Budino di pane con cioccolato e crema inglese allo "chambord"

Warm chocolate filling bread pudding with "chambord" creme anglaise"

This bread pudding is make by baking the left over bread without the crust mixed with raisins, caramelized walnut and folded into a pastry cream.Before is completely cool off molded the pudding in the special cups and filled with chocolate praline in the middle.Keep it in the refrigerator and before you serve warm up in the oven. Served with a creme anglais with a touch of "chambord" liquor

Panna cotta affogata all'espresso

Traditional cooked cream pudding basted with espresso coffee

This traditional dessert is very popular in Tuscany there are many variety of presentation. This with the espresso poor over is very unique and elegant to serve. The recipes is simple but the trick is to reduce the cream slowly and then add the only amount need of gelatin, otherwise the result will be to elastic and stiff. The look should be like the picture that you can see the cream melting after you molded out.

Crema al limone con fragole brulee'

Lemon strawberries cream brulee'

Classic cream brulee' add with lemon zest and cover with sliced fresh strawberries and caramelized the sugar with the torch


Wheat and pastry cream tart,date coulis sauce

The farro is a special wheat the you can find in Tuscany especially near Lucca the origin is very antique process. There is a lot of variety usage of this product, I try on to combine after cook the farro in the milk with ricotta and the result is very unique and authentic too, try also with the date sauce will result all the flavors.Click on this rolling pin for to receive the recipes.


Poached Peach in a caramelized port wine

It's very typical on the summer time usually is done with simple red one but the Porto wine give a better accent to this dish.

Strudel di pesche caldo con gelato alla crema

Warm peach strudel with vanilla "gelato".


The Strudel dough is very simple just flour, peanut oil and butter,rest the dough in the refrigerator before use it and stretch out with the knuckles of your hand the dough must be appear translucent.Brushed with melted butter and sprinkle water before you place in the preheat oven to cook.


Poached pear wrapped in puff pastry over vanilla ice cream and drizzled with caramelized red wine sauce.

Serve this little warm have a better taste and result, especially if you want to combine a scoop of vanilla ice cream the contrast it will be very fine also.


Warm chocolate hazelnut cake with liquid coffee cream filling.

For a chocolate lovers this is the dessert for you,the hazelnut chocolate praline will be melting on your mouth at the first byte.

The chocolate is flour less, melted and mixed with a special mixture and than baked, serve with the orange liquor creme anglais and drizzled with raspberry syrup.The contrast flavor of orange with chocolate is great, give a elegant way to serve baked chocolate

The chocolate is flour less, melted and mixed with a special mixture and than baked, serve with the orange liquor creme anglais and drizzled with raspberry syrup.The contrast flavor of orange with chocolate is great, give a elegant way to serve baked chocolate


The most authentic "Tiramisu" in the world with espresso coffee creme anglais and chocolate cigarette cookies.

It's very popular all over the world the "tiramisu" which means "pick me up" I think the best result is just simply whipped a manufactured cream and fold with a great fresh mascarpone cheese, lady finger dipped in espresso coffee and for the last touch just a spa on the plate with coffee cream anglais can be more modern.for viewing the last version of a excellent "tiramisu" made with homemade amaretto cookies, just click on the picture


Cream puffs filled with vanilla ice cream and topped with melted dark chocolate sauce.

The words "Bongo" it was remind me the traditional dessert I was find in the "Pizzeria"in Florence where after a great pizza I used to have the "Bongo Bongo" chocolate profiteroles, I change it a little the same cream puff instead filled with pastry cream I filled with vanilla ice cream and cover with melted warm chocolate sauce, you can use white chocolate also if you like.


Strawberry shortcake with whipping cream.

Simple and tasty dessert after a great dinner like this one clean your palate to be ready for a nice "espresso"


Washington apple custard with caramel sauce.

The apple they are peeled and shaved with the mandolin, then mixed with manufactured cream and eggs and then place in the egg dish dusted with yellow corn meal flour.Bake in the preheat oven.Serve warm with light caramel sauce is another well done dessert for your customers.


Caramelized puff pastry filled with figs napoleon.


Creme Caramel

The secret of great result on creme caramel is the cooking method, don't make the milk egg mixture boil but keep at the right temperature where the eggs can cook slowly; the result will be a outstanding.You can order a six ounces size round individual Souffle dishby clicking here


Chocolate ganache pie

Try this chocolate pie make with bitter sweet chocolate to feel the intense flavor of chocolate.

Crostata di ricotta

Ricotta cheese pie

This cake is prepare with a simple sugar dough:Butter,flour,eggs yolks,lemon zest and sugar.The result is very thin crispy fragrant crust.The fresh ricotta is just whipped with granulated sugar and egg white.

Torta di formaggio "Philadelphia"

"Philadelphia" cheesecake

Philadelphia is the most popular creme cheese in Italy; the flavor is delicate and is a great dessert for many menus or buffet party.

Torta al cioccolato e formaggio "Philadelfia"

"Philadelphia" chocolate cheese cake

This cheese cake is the same method as the regular, the difference is the mix part, with a addition of melted bitter sweet chocolate. Greate dessert for large party served with a mix berries coulis sauce.

La torta della Nonna"

"The traditional grandmother tart"

This traditional tart is done with a pie dough, filled with custard cream and toasted pine nuts; and baked in the oven.

Crostata di susine e mandorle

Organic plum and frangipane tarte

This is made with the same dough as the "torta della Nonna" with almond frangipane and organic slice plums, then baked in the oven

Torta al limone meringata

Lemon marengue tarte

This also done with the same dough but pre-baked and then filled with the lemon cream and topped with meringue, gratin with the torch.

Torta di ricotta con le more e mascarpone

Ricotta cheese cake with blackberrries and "Mascarpone" cream cheese.

This is a ricotta cheese cake garnished with piped "Mascarpone" cream cheese on the top and fresh black berries.

Lo zuccotto alla Fiorentina

Soaked Grande Marnier-orange sponge cake filled with chantilly cream and dark chocolate mousse

The sponge cake or in Tuscan culinary dialect know as "Genoise" or "Pasta Genovese" or "Pan di Spagna".

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