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Entrees Recipes

Grill beef tenderloin "Tagliata" olive poached baby artichokes,barbecue tomatoes on sliced baked potatoes, balsamic glaze

Shaved blanched almond crusted pan fried veal brain on razor sliced lemon arugula salad

Braised beef brisket slice roll with steam broccoli on whole grain mustard aux jus and garlic mashed potatoes

Pan fried Beef tripe filled with fig mustard, vegetables "confetti" citron sauce

Sauteed veal cutlet with prosciutto and sage in a parmesan cheese white wine sauce and steamed asparagus

Pan roasted beef filet with cabernet wine sauce

Filetto di manzo sul tocco di patata,prosciutto cotto mousselline, portobello e salsa al chianti

Grilled beef filet on baked potatoes, ham mousse, Portobello mushrooms and Chianti wine sauce

Filetto di manzo grigliato con fonduta di gorgonzola e succo di manzo

Grilled beef filet with "gorgonzola cheese" cheese fondue and beef jus

After grilling the beef filet seasoned and served over toasted Tuscan bread croutons topped with "gorgonzola" cheese fondue and a light beef jus on the plate.

Tagliata di manzo cotta alla brace

Mesquite charcoal grilled prime New York steak

This part of beef is well know as "entrecote" or "controfiletto" that means the part of the porterhouse without the filet and the bone, the meat for best result should be aged and with marble fat inside, which will give the juicy flavor and tenderness at the byte.

La Bistecca alla fiorentina

Grilled Florentine Style Beef Porterhouse

In Tuscan we have the tradition to place the meat on the hot mesquite charcoal grill without seasoned with salt, in fact the juice of the protein of the meat remain inside of the meat, during the grilling cooking process,by seasoning the meat after the result will be more tasty meat flavor and tender.Another tip for grilling this kind of meat is to leave the meat at room temperature before putting on the grill, if you put the meat right after take out of the refrigerator the will start take out water first and the flavor will be so so.In Tuscany we called "Fiorentina" a porterhouse when the weight is two pound, the famous kind of meat we use it's called "Chianina" which is the name of Tuscan valley where this special cow come from,The "Chianina valley".

Trippa alla Fiorentina nel cestino di Parmigiano

Tripe Florentine-Style served in a Parmesan cheese basket.

Very popular traditional dish in Tuscany especially for lunch time,with a slice of bread and a glass or red Chianti wine.Usually on Tuesday in a typical "Trattoria" is the special dish of the day!

Coda di bue con piselli naturali e riso pilaf

Beef oxtail with sweet peas and rice pilaf.

The oxtail is a part of meat that the best cooking result is braised,in some region in Italy they use to add a piece of dark chocolate at the end and melted in.Other region use to use the beef oxtail the day after to filled out ravioli. Try this recipes with a glass of wine.


Sauteed thin sliced beef tenderloin with garlic and extra virgin olive oil.

Just pounded few pieces of beef tenderloin and saute in a very hot iron fry pan the flavor of the tenderloin is very unique,simple and tasty


Veal scaloppini in a Madeira wine with asparagus and roasted potatoes.

The right part of meat for "scaloppine" or veal cutlet is the top round or the end of the veal filet, the result is tender and moist full of flavor.

Controfiletto di manzo e contorni

Roasted sliced New York Steak aux jus with vegetables

4 (16 oz) NY Ctr-Cut Loin Strip Steaks 1 1/2" The classic favorite in the top steakhouses and homes of steak lovers across America is the New York Strip Steak. Thick and juicy, bursting with robust beef flavor, aromatic, tender and savory---is it any wonder that steak lovers consider the New York Strip to be the "King of Steaks"?


Roasted veal chop with porcini mushroom sauce over pumpkin mashed potatoes and vegetables.

Veal chop is another of prestigious cut of meat that should be cook and eat medium or when the color of the meat inside rich the lightly pink color, than is the right taste of the meat where is still perfectly juicy for your byte.

Fricassea di fegato e cipolle con carciofi e patate

Beef liver and onion "fricassea" with artichokes and potato

Floured the beef liver and lightly sauteed with butter and oil, strain the fat out, add the previously caramelized diced onions, slowly bring the liver to the right cooking temperature, add the whipped eggs with Parmesan cheese at the end by taking the pan out of the flame, this way you will obtain the "fricassea". Place on a plate with your favor garnished like this one potato and artichokes with a drizzle reduction of a red grape jus.

Costola di vitello al rosmarino con sformato di spinaci e Parmigiano

Roasted rosemary veal chop with spinach Parmesan cheese parfait

The cut veal chop is marked first on the griddle and the finished roasted in the oven for the right temperature. The cooking process should be medium to rich the best juicy flavor of the meat. Veal is delicate meat and if is cook to long or too fast the result will be very disappointing. The color of the meat inside should be light pink

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